Endodontic treatment (also known as "duct treatment" or "nerve removal") is one of the most common dental medical procedures, which treats the "inside of the tooth" (pulp chamber, canal system and nerves) to eliminate infections, protect against infections. and repeated treatment in the future. Nerve removal includes - cleaning the ducts, disinfecting them and filling them permanently. The operation is performed after an X-ray inspection, depending on this, the doctor will make the appropriate decision.

  • Root canal obturation with gutta-percha cone
  • Retraction of root canals
  • Removal of fractured instrument fragments in the root canal
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Dental crowns

Impeccable white teeth are not just a symbol of the patient's overall health. Appearance also influences self-esteem, and people with well-groomed teeth and a pleasant appearance manage to smile more often, without being limited by complexes. The solutions offered by dental prosthetics are diverse, depending on the complexity of each patient's situation and the result he wants to achieve. Dental crowns are prosthetic devices used to treat aesthetic and functional defects of the teeth, which "cover" the visible part of the tooth (crown) or the prosthetic abutment of the dental implant. The most common are metal-ceramic and zirconium crowns.

  • Matalo crown - ceramic
  • E-Max pressed ceramic crown
  • Ceramic crown based on zirconium oxide
  • Metal-ceramic crown with fixation on dental implant (by screwing / by cementing)
  • Ceramic zirconia crown with fixing on dental implant (by screwing / by cementing)
  • Acrylate crown (temporary)
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Dental implantology

A dental implant has the appearance of a coiled screw, which serves as a replacement for the root of the missing tooth, being threaded into the jaw / jaw bone, thus obtaining stability and strength. The advantages of the implant
- restoring the oral cavity as close as possible to the natural aspect;
- maintaining the integrity of the facial structure;
- adjacent teeth are not compromised to replace the missing tooth / teeth;
- the overall quality of life is improved when the replaced teeth look, feel and function like the natural ones;
- better oral hygiene;
- improved facial appearance;
- increasing self-confidence;
- comfort;
- long-term oral rehabilitation;
- improved masticatory function;

  • OSSTEM two-stage implant (South Korea)
  • HOSSEN two-stage implant (America)
  • Applying the shaper to the gum
  • Use of osteoinduction material (0.5 gr.)
  • Use of barrier membranes
  • Lateral sinus-Lifting with augmentation (synthetic material and / or A-PRF)
  • Sinus-Lifting directly closed
  • Guided bone augmentation, with defective 1-3 teeth
  • Alveolar enlargement surgery (osteospliting)
  • Use of bone induction material (KOLAPOL)
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